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One ingredient for all life forms. Through its light, warmth and radiant energy, the sun provides the basis for all life on our planet. It stimulates the mind and the soul. It provides a sense of inner peace and well-being that both comforts and energizes. When the sun is shining, spirits are lifted and rejuvenated.

How Do We Tan?

The sun creates UV light, which is responsible for tanning and is pided into 2 categories: UVA or UVB.

UVA’s main role in the tanning process is oxidizing melanin, the browning pigment that tans the skin. UVB triggers melanin production in the skin. Both types of UV rays play a significant role and are needed for a balanced tanning process.

Tan Fact: Our state-of-the-art tanning equipment is designed to replicate the UVA and UVB produced by the sun, while allowing you to control your exposure.

Tan a Shade Smarter

Follow the recommended exposure schedule for your skin type. If you’re unsure or have questions regarding your skin type, consult with your certified Palm Beach Tan consultant, who will advise you on the proper procedures.

Golden Rules of Tanning

Your guide to achieving the perfect sunbed color.

1 TANS LITTLE OR NOT AT ALL Burns easily and severely, then peels. People most often with fair skin, blue eyes, freckles, white unexposed skin.
2 USUALLY BURNS EASILY AND SEVERELY (Painful burn); Tans minimally and lightly; also peels. People with fair skin, blue or hazel eyes, blond or red hair, white unexposed skin.
3 BURNS MODERATELY Gains average tan. Average Caucasian, white unexposed skin.
4 BURNS MINIMALLY Tans easily and above average with each exposure. People with light brown skin, dark brown hair, dark eyes, white or light brown unexposed skin. (Asians, Hispanics and Mediterraneans)
5 RARELY BURNS Tans easily and substantially. Brown-skinned people, brown unexposed skin. (East Indians, Hispanics, etc.)
6 TANS PROFUSELY AND NEVER BURNS People with black skin. (Africans and African Americans, Australians and South Indian Aborigines)
*Fitzpatrick Classification Scale – Thomas Fitzpatrick, MD

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